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Sunday, April 03, 2011

What's the story at KUGN?

This was a few weeks back that I noticed it...

Anyone know what happened to the D.B. Aviation building? Did they move elsewhere in the airport, or what? The building that carried their sign isn't named the same anymore. They still have their website up at the moment. Seems funny though.

Anyhow, during that trip I was looking to see if I could spot some unusual helicopters at the airport. (A Bell-206 or MD-500, but without any ID markings.) Yet at the time there was a huge snow pile by the south lot where they let people watch the planes. So the whole area where they would be parked was obscured.

As for the airport? (For those not familiar.) Not the most busy, mostly C-172s and the like doing casual flying. You also have your mix of kit planes, business/charter jets, and occasionally Coast Guard doing the Lake Michigan patrol or a news or medical helicopter or two.

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