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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Black Helicopter at KUGN

I thought some of the stories of these things were myths or folklore. Being prior military, I've seen dark helicopters but not full black ones. And the ones that could be mistaken for black usually had discernable lighter tone markings (usually standard tail numbers or military markings.) They look black from a distance, but they aren't unmarked.

But today, I saw a fully flat black helicopter with dark tinted windows. And I got to look at it from a resonable distance because it landed at the airport to refuel. No discernable markings at all, no tail number nor even a military or government marking nor one of those 3 digit numbers that are typically used for maintenance identification. As they say, this thing was really unmarked. I could make out the model of the helicopter. Either a Bell 206 JetRanger or an OH-58 Kiowa. If it's mil-spec, it didn't have any obvious or discernable pods or hardpoints typically common to the Kiowa version.

And in case anybody takes a look at this post, the time I saw it flying was 10AM today. And it was refueling in front of DB Aviation at 10:15 AM. It might be associated with ICE, since they do have an office trailer at the airport.

And I'll give some links in case anybody wants to follow up on this:
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