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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Yorkhouse Rd. should be bicycle friendly

Yorkhouse Rd. is actually a much better east-west connector for the Des Plaines River and McClory trails. Of course there's a small dogleg onto Chicago Av. in Wadsworth, but traffic is usually pretty light there. I believe Wadsworth is the official designation for this area's east-west connector, and as a bicycle route, it really sucks. (Pavement is bad, traffic is heavy.) Putting in a bicycle marker on the relatively nice shoulder of Yorkhouse Rd. and making it official and adding traffic light buttons for cyclists would be a big improvement.

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Street suggestions and stuff.

I may not be up to date on goings on and gossip or whatever is considered news. But I know where streets and roads in this town need fixin, and since I found a new Google Maps feature for documenting things, may as well use that for the commentary.