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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Real men of genius...

Not quite the Bud ad in this case. But rather I wonder what people thinking these days...

More or less I was driving to the library today, and came upon a problem intersection. It didn't seem too bad until I got to it. Stopped at a red as usual, then got a green and a car started to run the light from the left. WTF!!!??? (more or less) Then upon closer inspection, they had the folding stop sign open in their direction. So it turned out that the folding stopsigns were open on the eastbound and northbound directions, but they were folded on the westbound and southbound directions. And the light was working, it wasn't out or blinking. Which means someone's slacking off and incomplete job created a WTF?-type traffic situation. All the ingredients for creating accidents.

So I called about it. If the guy answering the phone at public works ever cares to know why I was chuckling under my breath, it's because this screw up is almost too stupid to believe. How do they let this shit happen?


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