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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Rude drivers, and it's Mountain Dew... Ok?

Niiice... I just flipped the bird at what I think was an ambulance because he's driving down the road at night with the $%@#%@!# high beams on and I can't see where I'm going. Hey, when you see an oncoming car turn on their brights, flash them a few times, or you see someone giving you a "handsign" in the glare you're pouring through the windshield - get a clue! There's two operating modes for headlights, and when there's oncoming traffic it should be in low-beam mode!

The other thing is, I'm doubtful I ordered a Moses with my tacos. It's Mountain Dew, not Mountain Jew. So if you're going to be working the drive through window, you need to work on your english better... Or if you're the manager, at least put someone at the window/register who doesn't have a problem with speaking english or has an overbearing accent.


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