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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

One out of every seven drivers here is a jackass

"Why would you post something like this?" you're wondering as I type up this blog which nobody will ever stop by to read. (But I still like to share the thought, for that rare exceptional chance that someone may stumble upon my rantings and actually get amused or something.) It's because through personal observation I have seen that one out of every seven or so drivers engages in behavior that could constitute a self inflicted removal from the general population in Darwinian fashion. The irony is that the means to correct this stupidity is pretty simple and requires no more than one second of conscious effort.

So what is it I'm accusing these idiots of in their apparent quest for negligent suicide or homicide? These dumbasses can't be bothered to turn/pull/toggle whatever switch/knob/lever that is used to turn on their headlights. So there they go driving their white SUV in the fog... No lights... Their charcoal colored minivan just after sunset... No lights... Their grey colored car in a rainstorm/snowstorm... No lights...

Sure, I complained earlier in one of my blogs (maybe not this one) about unnecessary use of high beams blinding oncoming traffic, but this is actually worse. I can't see the no-lights (no brain?) crowd, at least I could tell that the moron trying to blind me was there. All it takes is some older person with worse vision than myself, or maybe someone with sufficently fogged up windows or some other distraction - and Mr./Ms. no lights will soon have their deathwish fulfilled. I just don't want to be involved in it personally.

Nor does local law enforcement seem to bother with this issue. (And yes, there are laws in effect here that supposedly deal with this problem.) The police have more pressing concerns like chasing juvies for curfew or breaking up domestic disputes. (Or sitting in their own driveway eating donuts and doing crosswords while "on patrol". I've seen that too.) I guess it's easier for them to deal with responsive things where they say they stopped a 'major' crime in progress rather than be proactive and enforce some simple traffic code which could potentially save lives. Too much paperwork or something, and a traffic stop isn't seen as heroic... Whatever...

So, a warning to anyone living in or visiting Waukegan - watch out for that one out of seven.


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